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Oct. 7, 2016

Keeping It In The Family On Hartford County Property

Relax in Hartford homesRosedale Farms & Vineyards have been welcoming neighbors and friends to their Hartford County property since 1920. Family owned and operated for five generations this quality farm provides local produce to the area and high class, great tasting wines.

Weekends are for wine tasting. From 12 to 5 p.m. guests can sample sips on the patio. Favored Rosedale wines include Three Sisters, Winter Red, Serendipity and Sundance. Blends of classic reds and whites as well as boutique, blush and dessert wines are full of flavor.

Hartford County Living… Fresh Flowers To Fruit

The fruits of labor are plentiful on this piece of Hartford County property. Stop into the market and browse through an almost endless supply of fruits and veggies. Rosedale Farms key produce includes crisp corn, luscious tomatoes and of course plump and juicy grapes. Peppers, potatoes, parsnips and peas are stacked inside next to melons and squash. Berries are bountiful especially red raspberries and strawberries. Indulge in picture perfect Hartford County living by bringing fresh cut flowers back home. Arrangements are enchanting with mixes of Shasta daisies, asters, sunflowers and more.

Seasonal events mix things up at Rosedale Farms and Vineyards. A corn maze is now open for Fall. Happily scurry through the corn searching for the way out. Farm Fests bring out the best in family fun with hayrides, farm tours and wine sampling for mom and dad. Chef to Farm dinners are often scheduled. Participants take a trip to the fields to harvest the evening’s ingredients and then enjoy a multi-course culinary delight. Take a trip out to the farm today.


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Oct. 6, 2016

Residents Living In New Haven County Find Peace In The Garden

Relax in New Haven homesThere is a natural treasure quietly hidden on the Yale campus and awaiting discovery by those living in New Haven County. The Marsh Botanical Garden is a quiet and peaceful place at the north end of the college. With roots as deep as the early 1900’s, Marsh Hall stands proudly at the entrance of the garden welcoming all who enter its gates.

Sights at the Marsh Botanical Garden are always inspiring. Autumn color is spectacular with the variety of woody plants and trees changing shades. Winter brings a unique opportunity for visitors to view ripening fruits in the greenhouses.The earliest of bulbs and blooming shrubs and trees bring forth promise in the spring. Summertime is prime time to spot butterflies and birds flittering about colorful wildflower beds.

A Bit Of Desert Land Sits On New Haven County Real Estate

Frequent guests call the Desert Garden a favorite area on this piece of New Haven County real estate. Easily found in Greenhouse One, a manipulated climate allows desert plants to thrive. Wifi and cozy benches make a great background for studying or observing. The outdoor contemplative garden is another popular zone. With flowering beds and an enchanting Koi pond the mind is easily steadied here.

Always open, the outside grounds are a cherished place for many who live in New Haven County. Indoor visitation is available Tuesdays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Guided tours are encouraged. Experts docents offer up their knowledge on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Advanced reservations are recommended and can be made by calling 203.432.6320.


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Oct. 6, 2016

Blast Back To The Past Near Fairfield County Homes

Relax in Fairfield County homesRide the rails and play on the tracks close to Fairfield County Homes. The Danbury Railway Museum is a bit of history frozen in time housing antique engines and cars. Once a thriving transportation hub for the Fairfield real estate community, it opened in 1904 and stayed a busy station until the 1960’s. It’s rich history even includes an appearance in Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers On A Train.

This piece of Fairfield County real estate is heaven for train enthusiasts. Not only are a variety of full size engine and cars scattered about the yard, but a working roundhouse is also on the property. Many of the cars are open for guests to climb aboard. Explore the Boston & Maine 1455 Steam Engine. Hang in the caboose or take control in the engine. The museum houses close to a hundred authentic pieces of railroad artifacts, model trains, memorabilia and more.  Friendly volunteers willingly impart trivia and other information. Guided tours of the yard and museum exhibits are often available.

Ride The Rails On Fairfield County Real Estate

Visit on the weekend and take a vintage train ride. Experience the thrill of being on an active turntable. Wednesday evenings find an extensive research library is open from 7 to 9 p.m. Inside is a valuable collection of documents, books, photographs and artifacts pertaining to railway history. Frequently Wednesday Mini-Events presentations are held as well. More information can be obtained by calling 203.778.8337.

Located a short walk from the current Danbury Metro North Train Station short steps take residents back to the past and then again into the present.


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