Relax in Fairfield County homesRide the rails and play on the tracks close to Fairfield County Homes. The Danbury Railway Museum is a bit of history frozen in time housing antique engines and cars. Once a thriving transportation hub for the Fairfield real estate community, it opened in 1904 and stayed a busy station until the 1960’s. It’s rich history even includes an appearance in Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers On A Train.

This piece of Fairfield County real estate is heaven for train enthusiasts. Not only are a variety of full size engine and cars scattered about the yard, but a working roundhouse is also on the property. Many of the cars are open for guests to climb aboard. Explore the Boston & Maine 1455 Steam Engine. Hang in the caboose or take control in the engine. The museum houses close to a hundred authentic pieces of railroad artifacts, model trains, memorabilia and more.  Friendly volunteers willingly impart trivia and other information. Guided tours of the yard and museum exhibits are often available.

Ride The Rails On Fairfield County Real Estate

Visit on the weekend and take a vintage train ride. Experience the thrill of being on an active turntable. Wednesday evenings find an extensive research library is open from 7 to 9 p.m. Inside is a valuable collection of documents, books, photographs and artifacts pertaining to railway history. Frequently Wednesday Mini-Events presentations are held as well. More information can be obtained by calling 203.778.8337.

Located a short walk from the current Danbury Metro North Train Station short steps take residents back to the past and then again into the present.