Joe Bowolick

“Joe had several signs up on several lots and a building that were located almost directly across the street from where my property was located. I liked the visibility of his signs and thought that if he was already invested in this area that he might be a good choice for selling my property.I could not be more satisfied with my experience and dealing with Joe Bowolick. I liked him from the minute I met him and he continued to impress me as our first meeting progressed. He was on time, enthusiastic about listing the property and really down to earth in terms of what his marketing plan was to list the property. In our very first meeting at the property he stated ” there is no doubt that if we price this property right I will get it sold for you” and he did just that !Joe has the perfect balance of professionalism and people skills that make him a perfect fit for the business he is in. He tells you the way it is without all the hype and overselling I have gotten from other agents from other real estate companies. He is very easy to talk to and when he says he’s going to either call you back or send you something he follows through as promisedThis sale was not your ordinary sale. Joe put this deal together in 4 days !!! I’m talking from time of initial call from buyer, Sunday, to we closed 4 days later on Thursday. The amount of work and negotiation Joe had to do in 4 days was ridiculous. The buyers and their real estate agent were difficult, to be polite and there was a language barrier as well. Despite all of these obstacles Joe stayed the course and persisted through the ups and downs, and there were several, and got the deal done. Seriously, nothing short of amazing if you ask me !When Joe and parted at the closing I informed him that I would be selling the house next door to the one he sold for me. I told him that without a doubt I would be calling him to sell that second house for me. I also believe that with this approach to how he gets things done there is no question that he will get that house sold for me just as he did this one. Joe my brother Mike and sister Carole-Jean, who unfortunately never had the pleasure of meeting you, also thank you and really appreciate all that you have done for us. We look forward to working with you on the next deal. Thanks again !”