Pauline Valenti

“Pauline went ABOVE and BEYOND to make sure I was completely satisfied with my decision and how I was making out with the seller and the seller’s realtor. She continuously showed her support and was ready and willing to do anything I needed her to, because I was moving from out of state and I could not always be present. Pauline wasn’t just a broker/realtor to me, she became my friend and I plan on keeping in touch. She was there through my frustration, tears, excitement and anxiety, and never once showed anything less than someone I could trust. Pauline, had tremendous attention to detail and continuously made sure I was looking at properties that were worth my time, since I had limited time to be driving back and forth because I was out of state. Pauline made sure she was always available for ANYTHING that I needed, day and night and always answered my phone call. Pauline demonstrated each and every one of qualities of professionalism, someone I could trust, honesty, tremendous work ethic, punctuality and many more from the very beginning and they never diminished during our journey together. She is a terrific person, with genuine care of how to make your experience the best in can be. THANK YOU, Pauline for everything you did and most importantly for showing me how you cared.”